Hai Ba Trung District Hanoi Vietnam

Hai Ba Trưng District

Below is some information you may want to know if you tend to live in Hai Ba Trung District is a nice area where you can live in a nice part of downtown.

Hai Ba Trung District is probably most of Hanoi's central district (actually not far away from the Opera House, Hoan Kiem Lake, or Hanoi old quarter). They will be a bit busier and have more traffic. But Hai Ba Trung is more nice, close to everything. There are loads of cafes, bars and restaurants in Hai Ba Trung and Hoan Kiem, different cuisines on offer, plenty of good street food and you're just a couple of minutes' ride away from the Old Quarter's bars. Of course, every region has its pros and cons but I love where you are.

Find an apartment for rent in Hai Ba Trung district Hanoi from our listing of available furnished & unfurnished, and serviced apartments for rent Hanoi Vietnam for sort of long term rental with daily maid service and other facilities (such as a pool, a gym, garage, balcony, green view, 2-3 times main service per week, water, high-speed Wifi internet, cable TV and 24-hour security). But most are 1 to 2 bedroom apartments with small space without outside space like balcony or terrace.

There are many serviced apartments for rent such as Atlanta Serviced apartment, Hoanh Thanh Tower, ..etc from Dai Co Viet street back to Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.It previously lived in another part of Hanoi, near Dai Co Viet Street, that was a decent area but ultimately may a bridge too far for you . . . culturally and socially.

The apartment has a nice balcony and the tone of natural light might get overwhelming very quickly unless you get lucky and find some nice place and quiet. 

If you tend to go to visit nicer Lake View, western serviced apartment, if you want a more posh and/or more familiar/western lifestyle and good space you may want to look for apartments in Tay Ho - Westlake or apartments in Ciputra Hanoi. It's generally quieter than the rest of the city, not as crowded, but you'll also see many more westerners than other areas. A lot of ex-pats live around West Lake, which is a very nice area. 

Anyway, wherever you go, make sure you find a property rental that feels comfortable enough to be "home" for you.

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